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FSS Program Resources

Working with local agencies and service providers, the FSS Program attempts to address a wide variety of family issues including career counseling, job training, education (high school diploma, GED, college), financial planning and budgeting, legal services, individual and family counseling, parenting skills, home buyer education, and more.

FSS Program Benefits

The FSS Program offers participants the opportunity to accumulate substantial savings that result from increases in earnings. These funds are placed in escrow, and are available upon successful achievement of their goals and completion of their Contract of Participation (COP). The final goal of this 5-year program requires the participant to seek and maintain suitable employment, and that all family members are free of cash welfare assistance for a minimum of 12 months prior to the contract completion. IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT OF THE PROGRAM TO BECOME FREE OF HOUSING ASSISTANCE!

FSS Workshops

Participants in the FSS program are greatly encouraged to attend a minimum of three workshops per year. These workshops are based upon a variety of topics which will benefit participants. They are also encouraged to attend workshops through other resources.

Examples of Workshops:
• Homeownership
• Household skills
• Career counseling
• College Preparation
• Financial management
• Job preparedness
• Stress management/time management
• Health and Nutrition

Selection of Participants

Up to 50 participants will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applications will be date and time stamped as they are received. Any participant who applies after the program is filled will be put on a waiting list based on the date their application was received. When a slot opens they will be notified by the coordinator.

Where Do I Go From Here If I Am Interested In The FSS Program?
If you are interested in the program contact Jennifer Brightman at the address below.
An application will be mailed to you. For your convenience, you may also download a printable
FSS application by clicking here.

Jennifer Brightman, FSS Coordinator
East Providence Housing Authority
99 Goldsmith Avenue
East Providence, RI 02914-2240
401-434-7645 Extension 6429

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