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Housing Choice Voucher Program - Participants

You were issued a voucher, and leased up in your unit; therefore you are now a PARTICIPANT.  As a Participant in the program, you must adhere to the Family Obligations.  These Family Obligations are outlined in your voucher.  By signing your voucher you agreed to abide by them.  Violating your family obligations can lead to termination.  Please keep this document handy, and refer to it as needed.

Timely reporting of any increase of income or new income , and any changes to your household composition, are two areas that you want to especially be in touch with your HCV Specialist for.  Participants have been terminated from the program for not reporting an increase in their income to the EPHA timely, or for allowing additional people, that have not been approved by the EPHA, to reside in their unit.

Your HCV Specialist will answer any questions you have.  Do not hesitate to contact them. 

For voucher holders
A thru L
please contact:
Ms. Fiorella Clark
401-434-7645 ext. 6426

For voucher holders
M thru Z please contact:
Mr. Gary Victoria
401-434-7645 ext. 6423

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for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

At this time we don't know when it is expected to re-open. We will continue to monitor the size and wait time. All formal announcements will be placed in local newspapers and on this website.